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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Already?

Dear 2010: You were a rough, yet memorable and blessed year!

I have so many memories of this year, things I'd like to forget and things I always want to remember. 2010 started with our family moving into our new home. Pouring finances, sweat and tears into a home that we hope and pray to be in for the 'rest of our lives'. Alicea, our sweet middle child started kindergarten. She was so ready to begin her lifelong learning venture! Maya never ceased to surprise, stress us out, and inspire us year long. John created a closer bond with his 'abuelito' this year, learning all about sheep and horses, and climbing fences.

Many times, I (and I'm sure we can all relate) get caught up in the 'now' so much that I miss what is truly happening around me. I am so worried about being the best mom that I can be (getting laundry done, dinner ready, house cleaned, etc...) that I forget about just being a mom. I want my children to know that I will always be there (with my husband's help of course) to Listen, Lead, and Love! God help me!

I have a good feeling about the upcoming year. Of course, I have not started my New Year Resolutions yet....and not quite sure if I will this year. No matter what I did, or did not accomplish in 2010, I pray that 2011 is full of inspiration to myself, my family and friends.

Do any of you save stuff, put it away and think, "When my kids are older, I want them to have this"? Well, I just came across this article in Real Simple online. 5 Surprising Items to Save for your Kids is a good article and shares some good ideas as well.

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New year's blessings!