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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Missing these things...

I miss holding my little babies, nursing them, and being their ALL...(they are now 8, 6, 3)

I miss stress free date nights...

I miss being pregnant...(sshhh, don't tell my husband)

I miss having cereal for dinner with no complaints...

I miss just picking out kids clothes with no fighting and complaints...

My list can continue for days... Not sure why the holidays get me to think and remember...but I love this time of year! Seeing my children begin to get excited and talking about the birth of Jesus, makes me miss my childhood. I had a fantastic childhood filled with many wonderful memories and tradition. I hope my children will remember these times...

My sleepy 8 year old daughter- 11/24/11

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easy Homemade Sugar Scrubs

I am digging these Sugar Scrubs
(click on the link above to get the recipes)

I've purchased body and hand scrubs at the store and even through Avon and Mark...but I can honestly say that I prefer making my own. I save money that way. I ususally just bring in brown sugar into the shower and sprinkle it on my loofah and add my regular liquid soap and scrub away... It does the trick! But since I've come across these pictures on I now have an idea for little Christmas gifts. I think it's clever and cost effective. The jars are about a dollar at WalMart, and the sugars you can buy in bulk as well as the oil and any lemon juice, spices or extract you want, and if you're extra crafty, you can nifty it up with a cute ribbon or tag. I'm sure the person who receives it will be pleasantly surprised with this homemade gift.