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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Start ANEW this year!

I know, I know...kinda cheesy! (Since ANEW is the Avon skincare brandname) Well, for most of my 30 and 40yr old friends that still do not have a skincare regiment, I am nudging you (very gently) to start something. I used to use Mary Kary products...and honestly, it is a good product. My skin never broke out and I did notice a difference. That was several years ago, when I had 2 children and fewer expenses! Now, with 3 children, daycare expenses, house payments, bills, and more bills, I find myself having 'more month at the end of the money'. Avon products are fantastic, reasonable and they go on sale regularly. Click on the Anew link on the right side of the page to learn more.

I've been wanting to review products that really work and blog about it. Well, now thanks to a friend (who shall remain nameless....thanks Teresa!!!!.) who noticed John's crowfeet the other day, I will now have my chance. Yes, I have my 1st guinea pig with an Anew skincare product! Please check back to see before and after pictures. John has hesitantly agreed to help! More to come.........

If any one has received samples from me, or if you really think a product works, (or doesn't) please post it under 'comments'.  Follow me for more updates!  Check me out on Facebook too: Momaritza Parreira.

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  1. I finally found your blog that appears you've started not long ago. I see that you like ANEW. I need to take a closer look at John next time I see him. I prefer looking at people on a one to one than pictures.
    Tia clara