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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Softball season is here!!!!

My oldest daughter, Maya 8 yrs old, just started playing on a softball team (Go Gators!) And I realized something this week.... I realized that she is no longer my little girl!!! (I mean she'll always be 'my baby' just as my other two children will always be 'my babies')...but this is different. She's been practicing for a couple of weeks now, playing the outfield... But then last Friday she tried out being a catcher. She put on the protective gear, squatted and just dove right into it, looking tough and rough. Each time I looked out at her, I could see she was happy! During this last game, the coach (God Bless Her!) gave Maya a chance to catch. Boy, was Maya ecstatic! Sure she missed plenty of balls ...hehehehe... But she wouldn't give up! For those of you who know Maya, you're probably thinking the same thing..."Maya will make a great catcher"... You might be right. Who knows, she might not end up liking it later on after all, but for now I'm just happy that she likes it. Seeing her interact with her coach and teammates made me realize that she's growing up so fast and that although she will always need me and my support, she will also need her peers as well... Makes me a little nervous.... Just hope and pray that my prayers, her faith, and love will lead her down the roads ahead.....
I hear things don't get any easier... We shall see!

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