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Friday, May 13, 2011

And the Winner is.....

Amy A. (yaaaaay Amy!). Amy wrote: "Eye wrinkles, I hope I win!!!! Pick me, pick me!!". Lucky were randomly selected...I went online to and well....Amy wins!

But there's more! I feel like I'm selling on an infomercial! For those of you who entered and didn't win will receive 10% off your next Avon or Mark. purchase. (If you recently placed an order this week, I will deduct 10% off that order).

(Amy, I will get you your Anew Ultimate Cream next week! Just let me know how you like it. You can either post it on the blog, or send me an email...but then of course, I know it will work magically because I will see your youthful skin radiate from a mile away!)

Thanks everyone for submitting your comments...and of course one of my favorites, was Myriam, who wrote: "I want to defy, butt dimples....." which I replied: "Butt dimples are cute... On babies!" Oh, the things that humor me.

I see that Father's Day is just around the corner....planning anything special for your dad or husband?  Feel free to leave a comment and help us all out with ideas.....

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