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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is it 'No-vember' or 'Yes-vember' ?

I heard this radio commercial on my way to work about a grocery store declaring 'No-vember' to be 'Yes-vember' (Yes, their items were cheaper, Yes they were better...etc) and I got to thinking that fall is officially here, and NOVEMBER has offically arrived, whether we like it or not.  As I started packing up all of my Halloween decorations, I could not help but think that this year is quickly slipping away, and I reminded myself that I must document as much as possible all of my children's accomplishments, struggles, funny faces, and even those 'Maya-isms' that I never want to forget. So, as you read this, dont forget to do just that! Pick up that digital camera or IPhone with those hundreds of pictures still saved in 'memory', weed through them. Upload them to Costco. (From your IPhone you can even email them to and retrieve them later on using your email address and logging onto your account). Share them with your family this Thanksgiving!

To my Avon clients: Campaign 24 is officially underway!
The catalog is full of Christmas gift ideas. There are also some great deals on scent collections- and my favorite is Outspoken- by Fergie (I kinda like it!) A 4pc. collection for $36.00 includes parfum, perfumed pendant, body lotion and gift bag. Ask me for a scent sample!

I'll keep you updated on sales and promotions as they come my way. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

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