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Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Giving!

As November is closing in on us, and the hustle and bustle of December is before us, I can not help but be amazed at how quickly December snuck up on us. Totally not fair! (as my girls would say). Our tree and decorations are up and I have begun to play Christmas songs any chance I get. I'm even thinking of adding hot chocolate to my children's daily diet...but only for this month!
As we wrap up or start our shopping list, let's not forget those who go without every day. Often times my heart melts when I see my oldest daughter, Maya, care about others. A couple of days ago, we were picking up pizzas at a local Little Caesar's, and before we entered the store, we saw an old dishheveled man, picking through the garbage, looking in bags and opening food wrappers and setting them aside in his basket. I saw that Maya had noticed. Since I was in a hurry, I quickly opened the door and started walking in. I noticed Maya was walking slower and was still at the door. She glanced at me and gave me 'The Look'. OOOh, I know that look. With almost tear filled eyes, she looked at me and nodded her head. I knew what she was thinking. Once she was inside the store, I asked her what she thought about us buying an extra pizza and giving it to him. Her face lit up and she quickly agreed! As we ordered the pizzas she kept looking back, making sure the man hadn't left. Finally, with pizzas in hand, she quickly grabbed the top one and jetted towards the door. I quickly followed her. I walked with her towards the man, and offered him the warm pizza. He looked up and said 'Yes, Thank you', took it and walked away. As soon as the man was far away from us that he couldnt hear, Maya then began to explain to me that the man was probably taking the pizza home to his hungry family. And if he didn't have a family, then that pizza would last him a couple of days. (She amazes me every day!)  I wish I was more like her sometimes. I pray that she continues with her warm and giving heart, (although I must say that she does have a sassy streak to her) and that her younger sister and brother will follow right along.
I know this story was a bit long, but I truly pray that most of our giving spirits were year round, and not only during the holidays. I pray that this will remind my family and others to always give!

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